overseas pumping
the Turnernator 04-23-2009 comment profile send pm notify

why is it all the overseas concrete pumping jobs like in saudi arabia or kuwait it is a requirement to be filipino? do they know more about pumping concrete than we do? with there being no money/market in the united states for construction its almost a no brainer to go get your money in another country. somebody somewhere is pumping concrete theres noway the entire world economy is this bad. somebody is sitting in a pile of cash they just aren't sharing it with americans.

pumpjockey 04-23-2009 reply profile send pm notify

Have I got a link for you!


the Turnernator 04-23-2009 reply profile send pm notify

wow after going to that link and reading the entire article that definately sheds alot of light on why we dont go overseas it apparently is a trap that once your there theres no way out just another example of false promises and hope of a better life

pumpjockey 04-23-2009 reply profile send pm notify

They would never get away with that crap with a 'first-world' employee, so they don't even try.  Not that the employee would have any say in it, but the consulates would step in an apply a horrible amount of political pressure world-wide.  It's funny (not ha-ha funny though) that this stuff never hits the mainstream media.

The Burj Dubai and the Pyramids have a lot more in common than you think - slave labour.

Snarf 04-23-2009 reply profile send pm notify

Americans cost too much money(wage).

Drew AUS 04-23-2009 reply profile send pm notify

What is the rate for a pumpy in the states at the moment ???

Steve Stifler 12-19-2017 reply profile send pm notify

Right now in MD I’m seeing 32/ hour and working just about 60hrs a week running a 36RZ from Schwing

the Turnernator 04-24-2009 reply profile send pm notify

before i got laid off back in february i was getting $25 an hour in orlando,fl to run a 55m schwing as an operator if thats what your asking

pudg2 12-20-2017 reply profile send pm notify

I'd say the going rate is anywhere from 18.50- 30.00 depending on region and experience and size pump you run , there are some places guys make way more than that in the union areas .

mcratchet 12-21-2017 reply profile send pm notify

i say pudg2 hit the nail on the head! here on the panhandle of florida we pay 18-22 an hour thats a 32m - 47m and were always  looking for good operators

SUPERDOFFER 12-26-2017 reply profile send pm notify

lol .it all depends where and for whom you are pumping. even in Europe there are much diverences

Not in the basic wages but calculation in overtime, like a payed  day of after a night poor, overtime starts after 8 hours 150% or more. Health insurance, is it payed or not, in Europe about  0.75 euro an hour.and go on and on. Oh and don't forget in some countries 6 weeks payed holidays a year