Please help with Putzmeister Questions
whole9yards 05-01-2013
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I monitor this site as much as time permits.  I am more than willing to answer questions about Putzmeister, particularly Telebelts.  I can't speak for Travelteck, but his availablilty is as limited as mine.

What you can do to help me:

If you have a Telebelt, or Putzmeister pump question, please say so in the topic title.  A recent post "Telebelt Question" got my immediate attention.  If the poster had just said "what size rock?" I would have ignored it.  "Radio problem," "Pics," or "New Pics" would not interest me, either.  "Putzmeister control valves" would ring my bell.

There are also people, at the Putzmeister factory, that monitor this message board and notify us about topics we might be helpfull in.  This is really usefull, since our jobs require worldwide travel and severe time zone changes, and we might be out of sync.

Another option is to e-mail me at  I might be at a 15 hour difference, in time zones, but I will answer.

Thanks for your consideration.


Dipstick 05-01-2013
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Thanks very for all the help! Realy appreciate it Smile

Ne-max 05-02-2013
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Here is one for you.  I am having a remote issue with my 2005 40z putz.  On my wireless remote half my boom functions will not work.  (A) section will go down but not up.  (D) section will go in but not out.  (B) Section will go in but not out.  The one valve moves like it should when I do any of the functions but the valve that controls the sections that are not moving wont move.  Example: If I go to raise section a onle the one end valve moves and thats it.  If I go to lower section a that end valve moves along with the one that controls the a section.  Then the boom goes down.  Seems like I am getting good signal.  Just something is stopping the remote from controlling the valves. 

I hooked up my hard wired remote box and everything works great.  

Centurion 05-11-2022
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Hi mate, I'm having the same issues with my 3rd stage. What was the cause of your problem 

Travelteck 05-02-2013
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This sounds like a problem in the remote or reciever, posiably water from worn boots or leaking switches.

First thing is try your hardwire, this will help narrow down if it is remote or a coil issue.

Let me know, Also the Radio remote repair dept at PMA can help with questions like this Ask for Remote Repair Dept at 1800 890 0269.


Ne-max 05-02-2013
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I tried the cable for spare remote and still no luck.

Travelteck 05-03-2013
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Ok in your first post you said the hardwire works good and in the last it is same as the radio, lets choose a story line.

I have concern for the cable that goes from the Remote/cable remote plug into the Combi box, there could be problems in that harness IF the problem is with both remotes. To get deeper it would be easier to talk on the phone.

Alan Woods 360 600 5695 west coast time zone next week, I will be flying today so leave a return number and I will call back when back on the ground.

Dont forget the CSG at PMA 1 800 890 0269

This will be figured out, Thanks

Ne-max 05-03-2013
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Thanks for the help today Allan.   Remote and reciever are on there way to Putz.  Looks like I get to run black and white controls for a while.  Can say putzmeister customer service is great.