Please provide the information
fds&ljd 09-20-2005
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We have been having problems with the pipes. The pipes do not last long and the investment on replacing pipes is huge.What kind of pipes are you using? How long can they last? :quest:

fds&ljd 09-22-2005
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Thanks for the reply, Tom. We are working in China and the average life of the tube is around 20,000 cubic meters. What are your options? and the cost?

TOM@CF 09-22-2005
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Please either give me a call at my offices (262-284-7810) or if email is more convenient ( type of pipeline are you currently using? What is the average rate at which you are pumping (meters or yards per hour)? What type of aggregate (river stone, crushed granite, etc.)? Are you pumping a mix with manufactured sand (or natural sand)? All these issues play into the system performance & I would like to assist you in any way I can.Looking forward to hearing from you soon!Sincerely,Tom JohnstonTom @ CF