power lines
Hastings 03-28-2005 comment profile send pm notify

I am with you Bob, I have not seen the job yet that couldnt be finished with a little hard work and the occasional trick. The key to it is not letting laziness cause you to cross into the grey areas of safety, everybody faces that struggle and alot of it is how you present it to the contractor, Let him know the risks and the alternatives in as diplomatic way as possible.Jamie

donnie 03-28-2005 reply profile send pm notify

should have been more specific. (2nd story deck) Contractor wanted to put boom between 2 lines about 6 ft. apart to get to deck and then pipe. Situation was only 1 place set up safely. It was as strange situation as seen. If had solid ground closer to building would been no problem, was just wonderin situations anyone else get into.

Hastings 03-28-2005 reply profile send pm notify

Donnie, Was it possible to line pour over to the building then stand pipe it up to the 2nd story? I find that where there is a will there is a way...I have never turned down a job for the reason of not being able to do it. Jamie