Pressure Grouting
jscottjr 09-06-2005
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Good Afternoon,I have a problem with my slab foundation; it has a crack in it along the exterior wall that seems to run the entire length of my house, which is brick. The home is 27 years old however it was bricked for the first time in 2001 and there are no cracks in the brick at this point with the exception of a hairline crack. The slab seems to have sunken on the inside of the house; I do not believe that the footing has sunken. The crack is just that, a crack, along most of the house although there is a section of about 15 feet where the crack is open a bit. Based on what I have read about pressure grouting, my house would be a candidate for it rather than installing helical piers (not even sure helical piers would help if my footings have, indeed, not sunken. Please off experiences / advice. Thanks, JS

Todd 09-07-2005
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Dennis Andrews mail@concreteslabjacking.comThis is the guy you should talk to, I think he knows more about it than anyone. Todd Bullis