pressure washer attached
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Anyone run a pump with or actually attached a pressure washer to. Like a honda type. I'm going to add one to my pump truck, i've been thinking about it for a while. i'm wondering where to weld a shelf to mount it on. And any good hook up ideas? like a box round it. I'm tired of having a dirty pump..


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Brian mount it under the bed in front of the right side rear tires then pipe water from your tank to it so its gravity feed I think you are talking about your Boom Pump.

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Yeah Ed, boom pump. Right side do you mean the drivers side? I was thinking of either the passengers side right in front of the pad rack. or maybe the drivers side, or possible on the rear passenger side step ( i never use). Many, as far as welding, yeah it scares me also, any voltage even .03 volts can wreck a 5000 dollar computer card. I may just drill and bolt a made up frame the the channel iron on the brackets. It sure would be nice to wash it with high pressure, those little splatters add up.

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Pressure washers are good, but, it’s a lot of plumbing considering you already have a water hose. We spray oil on the back end of the pump and then all the splatter hoses off at the end of the day. Then we steam clean at the shop every week of two. I know lots of guys use tarps, and that works well to, but I always thought, what’s the point of having a beautiful looking pump if you can’t see it. If you are really sold on the PP washer maybe consider a hydro driven pump, smaller and less stinky. You can weld mount brackets just make sure you unplug your computer and disconnect you battery grounds.

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I just have my stashed in the bed of my truck.  On the Boom, maybe you could find a spot and strap it down.  Take it off when you need it.  I dont use mine every pump.  Just depends on the pump, and if we have on site water, not usally a problem.  Since you have on board water, just fab up a fitting and run a short hose.  If I were you, I would try to get a hot water pressure washer, they clean so much better and faster.

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I also use a 70% Diesel 30% Hydro Oil mix sprayed over the back part of the pump to make cleaning up fast and easy.  

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Pumpro i wish i had a steam cleaner at the shop but no such luck and they're out of my budget right now. I have a hot water heater on my pump tank which gets very hot. The oil thing just hasn't worked out so well for me seems it just gives me a brown build up and i'm constantly fighting the sprayer to get it to work. A lower shelf would work so i might be able to gravity feed hot water to the washer pump. Its hard to keep the pump clean with all the oil and grey water residue. A soap injection might also help?

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Also a pain in the ass :)

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I tapped into the agitator circut on my trailer pump with a super fine .1 gallon/minute nozzle.Works perfect. It would tale a long time to use 5 that rate. Terry

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Put in a diverter valve just before your hydralic motor that runs your water pump which sends it to another hydralic motor which runs a high pessure piston pump. The water feed comes off the bottom of your water tank. The pump and mtor is about 12 inches by 12 inches, small and compact, not much to go wrong.  Use your heated water tank and a spray wand and wash your tuck any time, works great.  This is how my schwing is set up. No gas  or diesel for the heater required. Call your pump manufacter and maybe they can set you up schwing's setup costs 2 grand.

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OE3 lived in so Cal. They don't even have dirt there.. Many areas in this country are like that for instance so FL. 

Huge difference. Try driving down a 20 mile muddy dirt road. 

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Your pump looks good . Wash the winter of 1 time in the springtime (it is a Concretepump ! I know how OE3 pump shine like new after 5 year) We hade one RM driver that get cancer (but come to the doctor in time , and survived) and when You asked Him why he didn't washed the truck "outside" only the mixer . He answered "The life is to short to stand and clean one RM-truck ! He was the owner of that truck , We buying that service in Sweden . But it is nice to have a pressuerwasher to clean the hopper and s-pipe/rock or save the pipe from a boomparty . I have one and now I cant "live" without one.... But that was no answer of Your question...

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Pumps must stay way cleaner than Telebelts, I wouldn't leave the shop with my pressure washer not working on a belt.

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b-alto: 0E3 lives in NORTHERN CA, and, yes, there 's dirt there! We also could not really oil down our trucks because SWPPP could and would give you up to a $10,000 fine! He had access to a pressure washer and cleaning chemicals, but what kept his truck, and mine, clean was elbow grease! I brought a clean truck to the job, and I was going to leave with it the same way! Mix some soap in a sprayer, and tarp your truck and clean up is much easier than spraying oil all over it! 

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Mudslinger,and right you are.Having pumped from Arizona to the eastern seaboard,dirt is dirt,anyone who believes this is easy needs to apply at Penny's womans section.

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Mud slinger the soap in a sprayer is a good idea. I have used heavy duty degreaser. But just mild soap my be help ful. Thing is using a brush its hard to sty out of the grease and hit all the hard to reach area's. Keeping a pump clean sounds easy when you haven't done it in ten years.

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How wrong you are,it's way easier to keep a machine clean today than 10 years ago.The soaps have gotten better,washers more available,more roads are paved,different types of concrete removers.I loved the remote operations (I don't play well with others) and we didn't know what computers were.What we learned was from old hands,folklore,trial and error,hey,not so bad.Try this,pump all day on a comm job and they are firefroofing the steel.Now there's a slight breeze towards the pump,no fancey washer,either stay up late hand washing or go home crying (done both).The washer is not a one thing fixes all,atleast if it's at the shop it sure helps.

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Brian, I thought you already mounted the pressure washer!

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Many good point about pumpers that learned before the day of computers. I didn't mean to get personal about the 10 year thing but you brought about a good point. My first pump had water pressure that wouldn't compete in a 10 year old pissing contest. Gboom, no but i'm working on it today.

Its nice to keep these web sites, where we can talk about ideas good or bad and share ideas with out resorting to "Full Fledged Dick Measuring Contest" :)

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appears  to be a little of that going on over at CPA

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No offence taken.Keep in mind those washers are great for blowing off fresh concrete and some road grime.It's hard work keeping a machine clean,I know.From my lessons learned file,booms,cab,sides need hand washed to keep clean,washer for the loose water washers do good once a year to blow old grease from boom joints (big job/dirty).The undercarriage needs it to (hot water washer) once a year.The trick is take a wand,cut it short,tap,put nozzle on it.That gives one more flex in hard to get spots.To much grease/oil on frame/axles could put you out of service (dot) also who likes to work with all that crud (not me).Oiling the back end also tends to discolor the paint,when it got to a point a bucket of soap,little acid mixed in would clean it.Hint,have hopper at least 1/2 full of water,used to do right after water wash,then oil/grease hopper.Probably the best soap I found was "ZEP" red powder,but,don't use to much,last I remember about $800 a barrel,but last a long long time if used right.Oh how I hated concrete on the deck or alum wheels (plastic).I hated those front discharge mixers (colo sprs),they could splatter to the turret.

I ran accross a few pic's of a old 36 heavy I used to run,need to scan and post,also a 39m.I had a contractor tell me one time,I was the only one he ever saw cleaning while on the job,that's pride in equip and me.

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Got it hooked up, just now my presssure adjustment on the brass outlet doesn't work so when you let off the handle the motor quits. It would be great to use the soap injection and suck up some cleaner, I never have tried this. Nothing dirtyer than an udercarrage on a pump truck. Good idea about cutting off the pipe handle.

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Feed off the water tank.

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How do you start it?  Or put fuel in it?  It looks really tight under there

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Yep :) Starting it you have to wrap your hand around the back, I'm working on maybe a pully system. Gas i'll have to make a funnel with a hose (i did how ever fill it before i intalled it). The shelf is metal i just used plywood for the top, and also i bolted it to the frames because i didn't want to weld. All in all it was pretty easy.

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Couldnt you just drop it a foot or so, cant really tell the height in the picture, and turn it around.  You would just need more hose.  And dont forget a nice recoil mech for your highpressure line and about 50' of it so you can get to everything.

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You're going to need some gussets on there too.  Create a triangle.  Not too sure on how that wood is going to hold up - the shelf or the spacer on the verticals.

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i could have gone a couple inches lower is all to the bottom of the frame. I chose to use some pre drilled frame holes, plus if its lower it is the dirtyer it'll get from road mess. Speedy at first i was going to put a 45 degree brace in, but the metal frame bolted tightly against the back and one side its pretty sturdy if need be i could but its just more crap in the way. I just bolted the wood in the channel for backup on the sandwich bolting of the side. Filled the hole.

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think I have it in garage,will take pic of the one I have.Does look good,keep it up 

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same as my sermac and it works fine, Very usefull