Price increase to $100.00 per user for Rapid Applications ERP (Pump Magic)
Todd 01-01-2018
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Rapid ERP (Pump Magic) as many of you know already has increased our price to 100.00 per license user per month. This price increase went into place many months ago and as your billing period comes due this new pricing will be applied to your account. Most all of our customers have been switched over to our new price by now. If you have not been switched over as of yet I will call you and discuss with you all the reason why we believed this was the best decision for the Concrete Pumping industry. 2018 will be the year of efficiency and using our software system does just that. If you are now using our ERP software and not using our Gotabs please talk to me as I know I can make you at least 25% more efficient saving you time and money. Have a great New Year.