Prime with water
ruck 07-15-2008 comment profile send pm notify

This is a stupied question.But how do you prime with water? I would think it would seperate the concrete in the boom.I would be to worried about plugging. I run a little 28m putz.If some one can help it would make my boss happy.I use bentanite now

Thanks Scott

ruck 07-15-2008 reply profile send pm notify

I hear you guys who run 52s 61s priming with water and think you guys are nuts.

eugene 07-15-2008 reply profile send pm notify

pump faster, if your flow stops its sure to be a plug

bri 07-15-2008 reply profile send pm notify

This is easy man. Put water half way up your cylinders. Put the mixer chute at the edge of your hopper. Start stroking wide open intruduce the concrete slowly at first so it pushes the water into the cylinders then have him pour it out fast and you will be primmed out my brother. I have water primmed my 60m this way many times without a prob.

NCPumper 07-15-2008 reply profile send pm notify

Water all the way. Thats how I prime my 47 always. Smoothe as silk, I have never plugged using water.

v-dawg 07-15-2008 reply profile send pm notify

bri has the right idea dude ! fill hopper up to cylinders about 3 inches over bottom of cylinerds , stroke over maybe 6 times , put concrete in hopper , i go a little over half throttle , a let her rip , its easy once you do it you will do it every day

bisley57 07-15-2008 reply profile send pm notify

Other than forgetting your slick-pac or the driver filling the hopper before asked,why would you want to prime with water?And don't tell me to save money,that just don't fly.

dieselman 07-15-2008 reply profile send pm notify

I use water to prime the pipe ahead of the grout that is priming the pipe for concrete.

The only time I ever used water to prime the pump was on the old Schwing gate valves.

b-alto 07-15-2008 reply profile send pm notify

Those bigger pumps usually water wash, and have really clean pipes. Water priming is fine if your pipes are clean, or the second pump of the day. Some times on monday I use slick pack just for peace of mind. Last spring I primed with water, with bad footing mix concrete, and dirty pipes. It wouldn't pump, I had to dump the hopper and prime with mason cement,once the mud was moving it cleaned the pipe and pumped fine. Since then I've used slick on first primes. Prime ports are great, but I don't have one yet.

WHO?? 07-15-2008 reply profile send pm notify

Here is how i do it....


Well first off I water wash,That being said...

I run a 47 meter Schwing..NO PIRIME PORT

I fill my hopper with water about 3to5 (just a guess I stop when i feel thats enough)inches up the cylinder.

Then with my RPM's at around 1600 and at about 70% volume I make about 6 or 7 strokes in forward.. this gets the water into the Rock Valve

I stop the valve as soon as it shifts

Then i put the RM truck chute on the same side of the hopper as the valve

As soon as the contractor is happy with the slump of the mud I tell the driver "fill it up"

With the auger in forward i let the mud get up to about the auger and turn the pump on

with the chute dumping mud on the same side as the valve this forces the water in the bottom of the hopper up into the exposed cylinder I have never had a problem priming this way

onmyown 07-15-2008 reply profile send pm notify

I also prime with water unless i'm doing line jobs then i'll use a primer or if enough line i'll have the contractor order grout. But with my boom i just use water i don't water wash just put little water in hose and suck ball back pipes stay clean lol as long as you catch ball in reducer. I want to know how you clean dirty pipes out on one job? I've ran pumps with dirty pipes usually find the build up in reducer when it breaks loose.

PourItOut 07-16-2008 reply profile send pm notify

when i started pumping in 1984, the contractor was required to supply grout to prime with,, when i went to work for a different pumping co, we would cary a 90lb bag of portland to prime with,, i got tired of breathing the cement dust,, one day a put water in the hopper, full throtle on a 1001 28 schwing gate and let it eat,,  only way to go!!!



local18 07-16-2008 reply profile send pm notify

I'm curious about how long the rams last in your pumps. With all of the dry cycling of your pump they can't last long. The company that I work for keeps track of how many yards you put through a set of rams. If you change them before you get a certain amount of yardage, they think the barrels are not aligned,or the pump is being dry cycled.

local18 07-16-2008 reply profile send pm notify

I prime the same way that WHO does, but I don't cycle the pump at all unless the barrels are lubricated.

chongliyan 07-16-2008 reply profile send pm notify

im with bri. its only for the first time youre in doubt that it might clogged but once you try it in a right way you'll enjoy it....

crazypumper 07-16-2008 reply profile send pm notify

i prime only with water 98% of the time. never have problems except with certain ready mix company who wants to save money adding less cement and adding more rocks then they suppose to. even the mixer drivers call the plant to say its a shit load and all they say is the mud is ok, the problem is the pump. they are such an a*^h_#s.

Mudslinger 07-16-2008 reply profile send pm notify

18: I can water wash,suck a sponge and do the Carolina mud puddle wash(also known as a bucket wash),and still I prime with water.I run a 47m schwing with 100,000 yards on the clock, second set of pipe,third set of mud pistons and the Original cutting ring.What you prime with really doesn't matter!

ruck 07-16-2008 reply profile send pm notify

First, I would like to say Thank You.I will have to try it one day. Thank you for all the help.


bisley57 07-16-2008 reply profile send pm notify

 On the average I use about 8 pacs a week,that cost us 24 dollars.I charge the customer 20 bucks, turns out to be 136.00 profit per week.5000.00 profit for a year.Multiply that by,say a dozen pumps,big chunk of money.Almost 700 % mark up.By the way if I use water,the customer will still get charged 20.00.

Weave 07-16-2008 reply profile send pm notify

I water prime and water wash exclusively. Sometimes i don't cleanout the transition between jobs never had any problems.

Harvey 07-17-2008 reply profile send pm notify

We have tried to water prime and it does not work at all, here in the north country. Our mud is not very good for that sort of thing. If we do plug it has huge $$ backcharges attached to the plug, SO!!! we prime with Prime A Pak or Slick Pak operators choice.


dazla 07-17-2008 reply profile send pm notify

 HI all   i still use cement to prime my m47 as i travel to diferent parts of the uk and i dont know the concrete suppliers normal mix as it varies a great deal in uk i always go for the tried and trusted cement option always cement on a pipe line and if no cement available ill use a slick pack never like just using water but each to their own. as one day sure enough you will have a problem with just using water and who wants to strip down a loaded boom .


bri 07-17-2008 reply profile send pm notify

you guys just keep doing what works best for you w/o any problems. And I ll do the same. Remember bring her back right side up and pipes clean:)

pudg2 07-17-2008 reply profile send pm notify

i pull back a go devil and you can prime with water we just dont take the chance i say do what your comfortable with if it works for ya,just like waterwashing its your personal preference do i do it no because i wasn't taught that way does that make it rite?only in my mind, my trainer,and the guys i've trained doesn't meen my why is the only way.theres more than one way to skin a cat,just my way works for me,so why change,unless its unsafe, i say go with what ya know

Mitch 07-18-2008 reply profile send pm notify

I think it depends on the mix...I prime the same way as who does when I am in a my Scwing 47m I just cycle and spray redi-mix water up the material cylinders as the pump in in fwd. I have less water in the hopper and it slides right thru, as long as I'm A-framed. Now thats with Oregon Mud (best of the best, like butta') but with the Tx manufactured sand, crushed devil mix from hell, probably wouldn't try it.

Smoothoprtr 07-25-2008 reply profile send pm notify

when i prime out with water which i always do i spray directly into my cylinder at idle with my stroke limiter at 3 and i spray the cylinders 8 times and i run a 36m  then i fill the hopper up with concrete and have the throttle at bout 80% and have no problems we have a 45 and he sprays his cylinders 12 times