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pudg2 01-18-2010
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hey a earlier post referred to our profiles , mine on this handle was done as a joke because my other handle pudg is the one on another computer and e-mail address,anyone wanting to know anything about pudg2 he is pudg,

now one reply was some people hid behind handles because they feared their company may discipline them or terminate them for their post.But the one griping supposedly owns his business, writes all the checks,he is the man,so he fears no one,but he cant fill out his profile , he hides behind a screen name, why ? maybe he can so grace me with his vast knowledge and wisdom,so please enlighten me on the reasons.Now for those that fear for their livelihood I understand staying anonymous,but a almighty owner that writes his own check theres only one reason,maybe hes yellow. Its easy to hide behind a computer screen and ridicule and just annoy , but you put a face on it, a name,things begin to change,I get outraged at times and say things in anger,but I will either stand behind it or apologize , and I have apologized as most of you know,but I will not hide behind a blank screen, I am a man and I will never be perfect,but I will never hide.

crete 01-18-2010
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What's a Pudge?or Pudge2?  (lol) Why did that last thread get so out of control anyway? Terry

Boom Inspector 01-18-2010
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totally agree with you pudg 1 and 2. I treat this website like a business and i address people here as i would if I was talking to there face and that is with respect, I hope I always come off as respectful in my post's ?

But i know what ya mean about faceless anonymous posters , some people are just alittle afraid about the internet for one reason or another is my guess.

Boom Inspector 01-18-2010
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HaHa Pudg2 i just read your updated profile. made me laugh , good company name you work for haha

getRdone 01-18-2010
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That a boy stand tall with your head up high. Never be afraid of who you are or what you've done or accomplished, good or bad a man that can admit when hes wrong and learn from it is a man in my book. That way we as a people can progress instead of not going nowwhere as a species.

My2cents 01-19-2010
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Thanks Pudg, is it one or two?, and yes I too would like to know why the last post got out of hand, and I really don't care what computer I use my screen name is still the same, and now lets go a step further with your current post. I do not hide behind a computer, I type on it, and before I call someone out on their info which you are implying should be on their profile, read your own. Are you a screw up?, Astonaut?, just what are you?

Because in neither of your profiles do you list what you request. If I remember right, in previous correspondence, you live in the bayou, and so invited me there, I guess to drink gator tea.

My point is many chose, you included to make a point about my profile and being an educator, and most have a problem with it.

Yes I have owned my own Company for over twenty years, always written my own and many paychecks to others, and have taught many how to have a carreer in this profession, yet there are always those that it does not matter how much personal time you spend working with them to advance there knowledge, they never retain a thing you thought you taught. Point to be made, READ YOUR PROFILES, whichever one, and then read your post again. You make no sense to me, yet I hope I just taught you something.

Practice what you preach, I always try to, and in doing so you offend some. For those that I have in any prior posts have unfairly done so I apologize, for the rest who do not care to listen to others advise, and give it just a little thought before spouting off at the mouth and decide to just be a screw up and waste our time, YOU CAN KISS MY ASS!


PS. This kind of makes me wonder what happened to this Industry. I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger TODAY! Yet I will take mine boom side down as some prove yet to this day.

For some reason you can post and post on this site about these subjects that keep getting missed, and still they want to pay me Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My2cents 01-19-2010
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Also PUDG1 or 2,

I get a minimum of $2000.00 for any of my machines once they leave the shop. You going to match it?

Why would you post your rate, your competitor just going to cheapshot you anyway, at least TRY to!!!!!!!!!!, then after the contractor f's the both of you he tells you I'll glad'ly pay you Tuesday, he just never told you which one. When are we as an Industry going to LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!Guess it starts with the operator who runs that wonderful machine you thought as an owner you invested in, yet as an owner you truly thought you invested in both. Then come to find out the Op took them both because he never paid attention.

pudg 01-20-2010
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you lost me I thought we was on profiles, whatever your problem with this industry is,its not gonna get any better just because you attack operators , managers, No more arguing with you its a waste of breath I agree to disagree.

My2cents 01-20-2010
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I agree to disagree because you have missed everything that I thought was supposed to help you on your journey. Like I said in a previous post you can spend a lot of your valuable time trying to educate some, yet they never learn.

I do not have a problem with you, and you are right, I'm pissed off at this Industry , and to my current knowledge I have not seen one soul on this web site that wants to do a damb thing about it, yet everytime someone f's it up it gets into my pocket! Figure it out.

I am not trying to make enemies here, I just want everyone to think about what they do, right or wrong, and learn from it to hopefully make this an Industry that will prosper once again. Everyone has made mistakes, we are human, but are we going to let them happen again.

I have already with to many others already lost to much.

No hard feelings Pudg, we are all in the same game. Just hope the last round does not come around again, none of us can afford it!