Proximity Switch problem???
TL 04-23-2019
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I have a 2007 Putz TK40 line pump.   Recently I notice a pattern in working pressure every time the pistons strike.  The first 3 strokes the pressure is about the same psi, but the 4th stroke the pressure jumps to about 2000psi.  
This pattern repeat through the job.  Is this normal for the pistons to strike with this pattern.  Will this cause the hoses to move a lot?  Recently I have to anchor down the hoses with metal stakes to keep it from moving/pulling toward the pump.  At the beginning of a job, the hoses are setup straight, but after couple yards, the hoses are wiggled like a snake.  Lots of moving at the pump end.  
I read somewhere that is might be a proximity switch problem.  
My pump has 2 prox switches on each piston at the water box, and 1 prox switch on the other end of the piston.  
If you have any idea, please let me know.


TL 04-24-2019
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Today I switched out 2 new K238 relays in the main control box and 1 proximity sensor under the fan, but the same problem occur.  The Main hydraulic pressure jumps on every 4th stroke. This is a constant pattern. 

Anyone with any idea please let me know.


Grandad 05-03-2019
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When you put pump in forward with your switch over switch pressure out each side of the main rods 

It sounds like its losing makeup oil.

On that 4th stroke does it really hit hard like the piston hitting the end cap of the cylinder

TL 05-03-2019
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yes, on the 4th stroke the piston does sound like it hit harder.

Do you have any idea?

orygun 05-03-2019
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have a 2006 tk40, so far i have not had that kind of problem. did blow the cups and the slurry got into the odd of four check valves. before the shift over the hydraulics would pressure up. putz and a dealer got me figured out.

TL 06-13-2019
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What did you do to fix the problem?  Last year I had  both my mud cups replaced.  After 4 months, I noticed grey slurry in the water box.  One mud cup was cracked.  I took it back to the tech to replace it for free because they did a bad installation.    I don't know when it started but I might have grey slurry in the system or check valves like yours.  How did you fix this problem?