Pump Boss Remotes
Redman1 07-13-2007
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I was wondering what everybody thought about Remtron remotes. Schwing only offers omnix remotes for their line pumps. The salesman I delt with even was telling me about the problems they had with them (good sales pitch eh), anyways, I opted for a Remtron pump boss, and haven't had a lick of trouble. The demo they had for it, was in a tank of water. they had the thing submerged for over a month they said. pushed the buttons and away it went. Cheaper than some of it's competitors too.

L & N 07-14-2007
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The Remtrom remote is tuff, I droped one of ours off one of our trucks on day, went to the next job and the remote was gone. Later that day I went back looking for it and there it was on the side of the street, the case was beat up and the remote was chiped you could tell it had been run over several times. It still works I have it as a back up. If they could make the receiver that tuff they would have somthing. Our reed pumps came with Remtron, something happened to the receiver on both pumps. It maybe too much heat in the receiver inclosure. Anyway our sales rep suggested going to the Omnex Remote and receiver.  We did. So far over a year no problems. Good luck

linepumper 12-11-2020
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Have you tried the trident yet?

My operators love it. It will not lose connection when you can't see your pump, you can wash it off, and it survived a ride on the freeway (lol)

check it out.