Pump Magic Software???
Royal Concrete Pumps 02-18-2008
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Could someone give me some feedback on pump magic soft ware I remember the demo model vaguely. but i would like to see how well it works Please note I need advice from people that are not computer friendly. I lack computer wisdom.

I would like to convert to somthing that I can do all my input in to one program not ten different ones and be able to send it to the accountant and not have him yell at me any more. I would like an all in one package.

Maintainance,Payroll,dispatch,contacts all that stuff..

Thanks  Paul



Todd 02-18-2008
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I am sorry to say that there is no do it all program. You will not find it, it does not exist and here is part of the reason why, Quick books, Mass90, Peach Tree and other accounting software companies spend millions of dollars writing their accounting software programs and many of them have hundreds of employees. The pumping industry is just too small of an industry for someone to spend that kind of money to make a do it all program for the pumping industry.

Pump Magic and Quick Books is a solid match up. Here is how it works. You use Pump Magic for your Contacts, Dispatch, Scheduling, job tickets, invoicing, statements and receivables. Remember all these are functions that are industry specific to the Concrete Pumping industry.

You use Quick Books for Payables and Payroll.

Pump Magic gives you the reports you need for your pumps and you just have to do weekly journal entries into quick books such as this is the total billed for the week and this is the total received for the week.

We have companies with 1 pump to 100 pumps using the software. We also have crane companies using Pump Magic.

Call if you would like a free trial of Pump Magic.

805 659-3437

The other really nice thing about Pump Magic is you keep your data base, nobody eles has any control over it.

concreteforbreakfast 02-19-2008
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Hey Royal Pump Majic is a great program we started using it late last year and once you get used to it you are lost with out it. The program makes life a whole lot easier from the Dispatch, admin, and reporting aspects of the buisness. And it does work hand in hand with Quick Books. I would highly recomend this program if you are inerested in saving your company time, and $$$$. If you have any other questions feel free to email me. 

concreteforbreakfast 02-19-2008
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I just caught I spelled Magic wrong my bad


Hey Todd Wichita LOL

RapidWorks 01-31-2024
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Thanks for your interest in Pump Magic! Since this thread was started Pump Magic has become part of the RapidWorks software suite, which means it’s now more powerful than ever alongside RapidWorks’ solutions for fleet management, dispatching, job tickets, and more. At its core, RapidWorks offers workflows built to help concrete pumping teams manage their fleet, crew, and jobs. If you’re interested in seeing how concrete pumping teams are using RapidWorks to maximize utilization and profitability you can check us out at www.rapidworks.com/demo.