Pumping 6000psi non-shrink grout
79xlch 05-18-2018
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Had to pump some grout into a "socket" to fill the voids.  It was a slab sitting on "H" piles in 40' deep water.  The top of slabs were in the splash zone. They drove the piles then sat the slabs over the piles.   I pumped the grout into the sockets to stabilize the slabs.  The first truck we mixed the anti washout into, it was a little wetter than we wanted , slump at about a 7.  The next truck was tight.  We added 40 gallons to 5 yards and then poured the anti washout in.  I could not tell any difference in slump.  I came off my Olin 5-45 with 50' of 2.5 then 50' of 2" then down to a 1.5 steel pipe for a trimmie pipe.  I pumped slow to fill a 2 cubic foot void, It pumped like butter with no effort.  The first truck had a 3 day break average of 5000 psi.  The second truck had a 3 day break of 9000psi.

b-alto 06-07-2018
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Wow that's a thick mix! Glad it went well it's all in the mix design. Geez you even had to reduce down to 1.5" I'm surprised that 0 slump went through.

79xlch 06-14-2018
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It was like clay.  We pumped slow and it went like butter.  We added anti wash out into the mix and man does that stuff work.  Appears we have 3 or 4 more days to finish pumping these sockets.