Pumping company start up
TMAC 02-15-2024
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Hi all,

I found myself here doing research to get the ball rolling on starting my own pumping company. The ball is rolling with reaching out the contacts and companies who I have built relationships with through my current job doing some front end research to gather more information to ensure there is a true demand for concrete pumping. By no means do I plan to jump in to a large boom pump right away, a trailer pump is going to be my entry in to the world of pumping. Through all of my research I have landed on a Schwing SP500 but am open to hear the pros and cons of any brand. 

My goal with this post is to hopefully gain some more insight on things to run toward or stay away from when it comes to pumps, and some other questions I just can’t seem to truly get and answer for on line. 

Is pumping 3/4” aggregate 5 slump with a trailer line pump doable? A company we have used prior only runs per gravel mix through his TK-40

With planning to buy a used pump, is it more beneficial to find one that will come with hoses and fittings? Or start fresh with hoses and fittings? 

Are 2.5” hoses the way to go if pumping 3/4” aggregate or bigger?

Estimated Average monthly maintenance costs of a line pump trailer? 

What would be considered a high hour machine?

Will a machine that does 45 yd/hr put me at a threshold of the size jobs I’d be able to pump concrete on?

I appreciate you taking the time to read the laundry list above and thank you to all in advance for your insights!

Curtis lux 02-17-2024
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That is absolutely doable without an issue