Pumping down hill
Newby 04-16-2008
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Did a line job on Sat. that went down hill about 125 ft. and then another 100 ft. flat.  1-4inch, reducer, many 3 inch, reducer, 1-2.5 inch.  I used the idea from this site of putting the plastic over the end of each hose to hold back the slurrey and then clamping it all together.  MAN DID IT WORK WELL!!!  One shot the whole way.  Maybe 10 hammer hits to help it along but only in the last couple of hoses. 

Is it normal for there to be a differance in the stroke out put when going down hill?  It pumped great no problems with the machine.  Not mixer troubles either, had no air shots at all.  some strokes seemed to have about 20% less volume.  there was no rithem to it either.  sometimes 2 in a row then 5 good then 1 low 2 good 2 low etc.

Many 04-16-2008
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Perhaps,pressure may have pushed plastic out on another hose.Sounds like you got it,now just play with the system that works for you.

Glad you remembered what you learned here.Everbody needs a star.

happy trails

Todd 04-16-2008
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very cool, any pictures?

johnny 04-17-2008
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im really glad that somone else used (and liked) my idea. it has worked for me many times in the past. i remember the first time i did it i was nervious that it wouldnt work and i would look stupid in front of everyone after spending all that time setting it up. -john

Newby 04-17-2008
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That was your idea!  Damn good one boy.  I told the guys on the site it was an idea from this site.  I had 50/50 suport.  All were very impressed at the end of it all.


Bob 04-17-2008
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When I pumped in Denver we used 4" pipe and 3 1/2" hose. You are on target with the idea of pouring prime into the 3 1/2" before starting. It was as close to a guarantee as I could find. I did it every day.

WgtnPumps 01-25-2019
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How do you prime with the famous cling film/easy wrap technique? Sounds like a great way to keep the mix less separated but I'm not sure how y'all combine that trick with priming. The main priming advice for downhill seems to be to use a rabbit or spinge ahead to slow the prime so it coats the whole line - but obviously you can't do that and the plastic film trick at the same time?

Do you prime clear line (with a rabbit or sponge ahead) and THEN split all the connections and put the plastic in? Or do you install the plastic at the beginning and send the primer through without a rabbit or sponge ahead? ie does the plastic film help the primer get all round the line as well as helping the following mix stay together?

Thank you for any words of wisdom!!

TooTall 02-18-2019
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With a rabbit or sponge ahead of the primer you shouldn't need the plastic at the joints. A rabbit serves the purpose of preventing the slurry or primer from running down hill ahead of the concrete

79xlch 03-13-2019
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I did the news paper wad on 400 feet of 2.5 hose.  I did pour some water ahead of the paper as well.  Went fine, we were pumping steps with a 4" slump.