Putzmeister Boom Problem
Niall 03-25-2017
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Hello everyone,

I was doing a job today with a 24m Putzmeister everything was working perfectly and at the end of the job i went to fold up the boom and nothing,the pump would pump but no boom movement, the remote was working as i could see it was moving the manual levers on the side of the pump long story short it would move very slow for a coupe of seconds and then stop, about 50 min's later i got it folded up.

Has anyone had this issue? temperature and hydraulic pressure was 100% but no part of the boom would move by the remote or in manual with the levers only every now and again for a few seconds.

Anyone every had or heard of this problem.

orygun 03-25-2017
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´╗┐lost my accumulator blatter in the tk-40 would bet cold weather related.

do not know jack but would guess a clog like interior hose or pluged fiter, something is restricting you flow.

Foley 04-12-2017
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If your boom speed switch is in between the rabbit and the turtle that will cause the problem too 

pudg2 03-30-2017
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check the valve that changes from outrigger to boom , I have had weak coils cause a issue on what I call the diversion valve

Niall 03-30-2017
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Thank you for the replies I think I might have a coil problem but it is all working 100 % again so I'll  keep an eye on everything , thanks again 

Tony Murphy 05-15-2017
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i had a problem where some sections of the boom were moving very slowly if at all whilst others may work ok

found out that the limit switch for the slew and come loose and was not being engaged and the operator had slewed so far in one direction it was actually choking the hydraulic hoses in the turret causing the problem

odd fault but you never know