Putzmeister boom pump trouble
keen17 11-11-2017
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Hello everyone,

I am having trouble with my 15 36m putzmeister boom pump. After I prime out and start pumping, a few yards into the pour the pump stops pumping, and makes a loud whining like sound, almost like it is stuck on a certain cylinder. I have been working through it by reversing the pump and starting it back forward. this will happen several times before eventually it stops and it pumps smooth. When we bought the pump I was told to run it in reverse before putting water or anything in the hopper so that the valve aligns, which I do before every job. Anyone have an idea of what this could be? It seems to be happening to matter we have a good or a crappy mix. 

greyslayer 11-11-2017
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What kind of remote are you running? If you hold down your pump on switch will the cylinders switch directions? If you turn the pump on like get it pumping then hold the switch down and let it pressure out. Centers the loop oil. 

PUMBO 11-13-2017
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Could be a variety of things that can lead anywhere. Start with the simple things first i.e electrically. Check the proximity switches make sure they are working correctly, check all plugs they are connected to as well. Then proceed to Check the change over relay. Assuming you have pre ergonic 2.0 check the stepping relay 2K238 maybe the latching relay on the centre of it is defective. I'd replace the relay as a precaution its rectangular made by "NAIS". If everything here is in order, definitely get some professional advice or better to call a PM tech to diagnose the problem, only because as an novice,  troubleshooting from here onwards would become more complex and could get expensive with guessing the problem. MORE IMPORTANTLY the accumulator side is PRESSURISED if you start unbolting anything (e.g. commonly looking for a sticky spool, broken return spring etc) within this circuit without the right precautionary measures looking and fiddling you will almost certainly end up hurt or in HOSPITAL.

greenguy 11-15-2017
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Your pump probably has eps 4 (colour screen on main control panel) or eps3 (monochrome screen).   It stroke corrects every certain number of forward strokes (I think 12, but have To check).  Either EPs machine doesn't have the 2k238 relay anymore (only the 24v zmsk and older)   It stroke corrects by reading the prox switch on the oppostie cylinder.     If one of the 4 check valves located in the loop lines on the pump cylinders is leaking in the check direction, your loop oil will constantly need correction - most notably after sitting overnight.    Try setting your pump to low volume and pump slowly forward with no Crete for a few strokes when the hopper is empty before starting.   If it equalizes after pressuring out, try swapping the check valves for new ones.    There's other causes but that's the starting point.  Check your side panel screen as well for an error symbol on the prox switch symbol (up and down square line ). Pm me if you want more help