Putzmeister Boom Valve Coil Tips
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Putzmeister Boom Valve Coil Tips.


I have a little more homework and Info for you guys.

Over the years we all have had issues with setting and adjusting the boom speeds, either to fast or to slow, the function can feel rough or jerky or even black and white.

Some have tried to repeatedly adjust the boom speeds with the Teleteach buttons or battery to no good result. If you need to constantly teach the remote you generally have a remote issue, other than oil temp variance the settings should stay relatively the same, week to week.

But there is another option you can easily look at for these types of symptoms.

The joystick is communicating to the coil on the boom valve, the coils can wear out, as they draw more Amps the range of motion changes, thus the need to adjust from time to time.

The plunger spool’s that the coil’s drive can also get sticky or gummed up over time, the slide show will show you how to remove and clean the spools, Test the coils, and look for issues.

The coils are the same from valve to valve, so they can be moved around. BUT BEWARE, On units equipped with EBC this is not advisable, the computer is set to work with the coil and valve matched, adjustments to the EBC programming might need to be reset if coils are changed or moved around.

The leading problem we have with Mother Boards on 24 V systems is over Amping the fuse, if an outrigger or Boom coil is bad it can draw high amps and blow the fuse.  DO NOT PUT IN A BIGGER FUSE, RUN THE FUNCTION MANUALY AND FIX THE ISSUE.


Another issue that can give you problems with these spools and other components on the unit is, Cheap oil, Dirty oil , water in the oil and High “TAN” numbers. These all lead to corrosion and sticky components all over the unit.

  Phantom issues that come and go are usually related to the oil and its condition.

Do oil sample testing to ensure the condition of your oil, oil that has water in it looks milky ONLY after it has become saturated with to much water, clear oil in the sight gauge can still have to much water in it  the only way  to know for sure is to have it tested.

I hope this helps and brings out even more questions, please feel free to ask online or call PM CSG 1 800 890 0269.

Or myself 360 600 5695



As always Be safe and keep the rubber side down.


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Travelteck 08-18-2011 reply profile send pm notify

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You have some really amazing tech tips,thanks for sharing this advice.

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Wow great job. Sorry I had to go out of state sorry I did not get this up. You did a great job.

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On a comedic note and also what not to do:  I changed a boom coil on a fellow operators machine and of course the young fella wanted to know how they work.  So me being the caring and helpful individual I am proceeded to explain how they worked.  I must have stuttered a few times because by the time I was done talking you could tell by the look on his face he did not understand.  Now heres what you don't do.  Being determined to make him understand I got the battery charger out rigged up some small jumpers with alligator clips connected what I THOUGHT was the ground and connected the power lead while holding it in my hand to show him the pins moving in and out.  Wow F!%#ing WEE the coil flew one way I started doing an Indian rain dance with my hand clasped between my legs.  No rain fell but the air was definitely blue.  Of course it seemed relatively funny to the other operator and it took a few minutes before I saw the humour probably when the feeling came back to my arm and hand.  Moral of the story:  Do not use a burnt out coil as a teaching aid someone or something could get hurt especially your ego.

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What other site give this information? Even if you call the manufacturer and tell what the proplem is - in the best of the world, they will help you if you pay plenty. On this site you will get help for free. I don´t have that old pumps, but my pumps will get old as well some times. I do all sercice on the pumps by my self at the weekends,but i don´t know for how long. My company is growing and my self whant moore sparetime. It´s a difficoult equation.  

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That's just how Allan woods and Putzmeister roll. Allan woods is Traveltech and he works for Putz. I really enjoy working with people who love this industry. Thanks for the kind words. I am working on a section of ConcretePumping.com just for Allan's Tech tips.

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I need to give credit where due.

I am a field service Technician for Putzmeister, I also teach the schools we present at the factory inRacineWisconsin.

I was an operator that, for a lot of years worked through issues without a lot of info backing me up.

The post’s I do on this site are from the education and experiences I have gotten from my position at Putzmeister and experience’s I have earned in the field.

We at Putzmeister CSG “Customer Support Group” believe that it is key to Train and Educate operators and mechanics with as much knowledge as possible to help them take care of problems as they happen, and even better to avoid them before they happen.

This helps to promote a safer and professional working environment.

We at Putzmeister thank you for being there. It is my pleasure to offer help to those that are willing to grow with us. Thank you for the praise but it takes a TEAM.

If you need help with any Putzmeister product feel free to call or e-mail the Putzmeister America CSG @ 1-800-890-0269 we offer 24/7 support for all customers.

You can also e-Mail directly   woodsa@putzam.com

Visit our web site for more numbers.