Putzmeister E.B.C
gwillett72 05-19-2005
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cmon you mean not one of you guys has a putz with ebc and is willing to talk about it cmon!!!!

mjkissee 05-19-2005
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hello down under wish icould help ya out but just took delivery of a schwing 61m (05). i`am surprised nothing like `96 model 52 i recieved new back then.much better craftmanship. come and vist. seeya mate keep it boom side up. peace - mark

rogan 05-26-2005
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I Operate a putz M42 (late 2004) with EBCWe had a few difficulties getting the EBC correctly configured, so I started using the machine the traditional way.The problems (shaky boom) have been fixed nowand it works great.EBC is addictive (should come with a warning label).