Putzmeister, help needed
Niall 12-09-2016
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Hello everyone

Im running a 24m Putzmeister at the moment and its been brilliant, but today i was finishing up and was putting up the legs and the last leg would not go up the LED on top of the solenoid on the main control levers on the side of the truck one had gone red in colour and i had no hydraulic pressure, when i pull the lever manually it worked and i got hydraulic pressure and put the leg up this way, but the LED didn't light up, i put the boom back into gear to see would it work and the lever moved perfectly hydraulic pressure came up and the LED light up green.

So i can get a green LED and hydraulic pressure when using the remote but when i use the switch on the main control panel on the side of the truck to get hydraulic pressure for the legs to operate im getting no hydraulic pressure and a red LED on the top of the hydraulic solenoid.

Any ideas of what is causing this would be great

orygun 12-10-2016
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jump the switch to test for it being bad on that side

Niall 12-12-2016
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Thanks for the reply, this might seems like a stupid question  but by jump you mean to give it another power source and negative? thanks again

orygun 12-12-2016
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same power that goes to the remote side may not be flowing through the manual side. all you are doing is jumping that side of the switch with a wire.