QJ Submersible PUMP
aierpump 03-08-2022
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QJ Submersible PUMP

General Description

The QJ submersible pump is mainly used for carrying water from a deep well and boosting and is widely used in farmland irrigation, water draining in urban and rural areas and mines and industrial enterprises and water conservancy works including reservoir, fountain, cooling system and spa etc. The main features are as follows: With easy to use, easy installation, easy maintenance, environmental protection etc. Advantages, the electric diving pump which collects the motor and water pump could work in the water and it is convenient to use and repair.


Submersible Pump Manufacturers

We are a professional manufacturer of submersible pumps in China. In addition to water pumps, we also supply various slurry pumps, gravel pumpsdesulfurization pumps, etc. According to different requests, we could provide products with different materials like stainless steel casting, stainless press-welding, bronze casting, plain iron casting, corrosion resistant special material casting. The pump must be strict with outside diameter, so the situations such as motor seal leaks and water pollution will not occur.



Size (discharge): 4" to 16"
Capacity: 2-500m3/hr
Head: 10m-500 m
Housepower: 0.75-450kw
Material: Cast Iron, Bronze, Stainless steel etc

AIER® QJ Submersible Pump


Conditions Of Usage

①Power: 380V/3-phase AC, 50Hz

②Water quality:

A. The temperature of water is below 20℃(high temperature resistance 80℃)

B. The solid content is less than 0.01% (depends on the quality)

C. PH 6.5-8.5

D. The content of hydrogen sulfide is less than 1.15mg/l

E. The content of oxide ion is less than 400mg/l

③The inner part of the submersible motor must be full of clean water and submersible pump must sefely submerge to work.

④Mounting depth shall not exceed 20% of water pump rated head and well face must be smooth and straight.


Main Features

1. The motor is wet submersible motor. The motor chamber must be filled with clean water which is used for cooling motor and lubricating bearing. The voltage regulating film on the base or motor is used for adjusting pressure difference and dilation of water in the inner part of motor caused by motor temperate changes.

2. In order to prevent the sand grains from a well from enter into the inner part of motor, upper shall extension is installed two seals oils which are installed backward and one sand off ring is installed.

3. To prevent water pump shaft from jumping, water pump shaft and motor shaft are connected by coupling and a thrust bearing should be installed in the under parts of motor.

4. The water lubricates the motor and water pump bearing.

5. The submersible motor winding wires are used for the stator winding. So it insulates well

6. The centrifugal impeller and vertical blower inlet casing are used for water pump and the structure is simple.

Construction Diagram

QJ submersible pump mainly consists of feed point, water pump shaft, impeller, blower inlet casing, rubber bearing, check valve (option) etc. The submersible motor consists of base, voltage regulating film, thrust bearing, thrust disc, lower guide bearing block, stator, stator winding, rotor, upper guide, bearing block, sand off ring, outlet cable, etc.