Radio Remote Question
Seacoast 01-18-2017
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Hi all- I have a Schwing 500 and just priced out a radio remote. Pretty pricey so just wondering if there is anyone or anywhere that might sell used receiver/remote set ups? I run my TK-50 with a radio remote, and for me I find it pretty essential (following the prime, cleaning hoses, etc). Before I bite the bullet to buy new, just thought I'd ask!

orygun 01-18-2017
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call danco 1 559 275 8488 for pump boss. got one for my basic ball pump but for the tk-40 that is double switched the pump boss diagram and the one from putzs where not right. had to switch a couple around so when i told putzs they could not believe it. it has a funky operation on fro on and hit the same one it goes off. hit off and goes into reverse. could fiddle with some more bur i had to put it out on the job and no one had any answers for me.

RJB 01-21-2017
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I would check with the pump manufacturer before installing an aftermarket wireless and verify that it will not adversely affect your warranty.

With the increased complexity of the on board computers, manufacturers are finding that they need to custom integrate the wireless into their system to guarantee the reliability of all of the functions.  This customization is behind the bulk of the price increases we have been seeing in newer units.

Seacoast 01-27-2017
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Thank you for the information and advice. I will be going with new for sure.