Rapid ERP 1809.18.01 Release Notes
Rapid Apps 10-01-2018
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Crew Central:
A new functionality has been added which is accessible in Human Resources. It enables management to more easily navigate, measure, review and audit performance metrics for all human resources specifically particapting in any daily jobs. Specify a date range and fetch all necessary information pertaining to an operator and his job duties on a daily basis. Easily check DVIR Pre/Post Trip times and reports. Determine if a crew member was late to work or clocked in earlier than desired, or whether a DOT violation was triggered. Review all job times at a glance instantly and in real time. Use the context sensitive menu on any operator to track his daily routine by reviewing trip logs, last known geo location, DOT HOS logs and more. last but not least, easily assign or re-assign multiple Unassigned driver logs to operators for more accurate and complient DOT HOS Reports.
Purchase Order Upgrade: 
The exisitng purchase order functionality available through Purchasing > Purchase Order is now loaded with several new features, such as ability to add, re-assign, split and fulfill line items across equipments within a purchase order. A more comprehensive printing tool has been added.
Automatic Status Updates to Email Receipts:
Each email sent through Rapid ERP now comes with a status information column that tracks the overall processing cycle of the email starting from when it was sent to when it was delivered.
Updated Printing for submitted DVIR Reports:
All DVIR reports submitted by operators are now displayed with separate sections for Defects and No Defects, where each item is listed. This allows better connectivity and compliance with DOT requirements in case of an audit.
Updated Filled Job Tickets:
Completed Job Checklists are now included as part of the Filled Job Ticket. In addition, Travel and On Job Hours are now included and appear as separate items on a filled job ticket
Payroll Reports:
The payroll reports have been updated to allow displaying the time worked in hours, or hours and minutes, or just minutes depending on the internal business needs with any integrated accounting software.

bisley57 10-02-2018
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getting out of this business just in time         Dont need those REMF's watching my every move. Peace out bro's