Rapid ERP Gotabs
Todd 10-24-2017
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The best thing that has happen to our industry in 15 years. These Gotabs save you time and money. They pay for themselves many times over.

If you would like to hear more, give us a call at Rapid Applications

303 500-3050 ext 2

Todd Bullis


bisley57 10-24-2017
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You are right Todd ,probably the best thing to happen in years.......because the rest of the industry has gone to shit.Non trained operators running these investors equipment,in to the ground and salesman who know it all. Use to be commraderie but that is gone like the rotary phone. Good luck to all the newcomers,may your boompipe stay strong

Todd 10-25-2017
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I wish you could see the professional companies we work with. I think you would be shocked at how good many of them are. Many of them play by the rules and really do a great job. There is a big changes happening within our industry and things are and will get better over all. Companies adapting efficiency making technology will separate the professionals from the cowboys.