Rapid ERP version 1.1905.20.1
Rapid Apps 05-21-2019
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  • Fixes to sending email to email addresses for certain domains

  • Fixes to changing a customer while creating a new job in dispatch

  • Fixes to displaying credit memos with no credit memo items

  • Improvements to editing a job site through the Sales > Customer grid.

  • Ability to view/upload files to job site gallery.

  • Ability to see/change job site location on a map.

  • Improvements to interface for adding and editing jobs in all places throughout Rapid ERP by being able to see if the job site has a verified location.

  • Fixes to errors when printing specific invoices Prevention of deletion of cancelled jobs by default

  • Improvements to properly alerting users if preventative maintenance using GPS conditions is not being properly tracked

  • Improvements to Combined Metrics Reporting: More accurate tracking of equipment counts across various combined metrics groups

  • Improvements to Payroll: Activation to Greasing time functionality for operators

  • Improvements to sending automatic emails: Adding of company name in the beginning of the subject line by default

  • Ability to view assigned equipment for all employees through the Human Resources > Employee grid