Rapid ERP Version 1.1911.14.01
Rapid Apps 11-15-2019
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Software: Rapid ERP
Release Version ID: 1.1911.14.01

1. Geo Fencing Capabilities:  new feature 
Rule based logic that enables automatic status updates, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Estimated Distance to Destination in miles for jobs and equipment 
- Individual jobs, job sites, equipment units can be enabled with geofencing which allows the logic to run whenever a job containing the equipment and job site is present on today's schedule 
- Dispatch screen will display ETA and Estimated Distance to next checkpoint. 
- Based on the equipment leaving the yard, stopping at the job site, leaving the job site and either heading to another job site or back to the yard, its job's status and ticket times will automatically change and be reflected in dispatch and activity history. 
- Ability to see the equipment on the job site map 
- Ability to see Estimated Time of Arrival and remaining miles to the next job destination checkpoint 

2. Job site Contacts:  new feature 
- Ability to specify multiple contacts per job site and control the delivery of job tickets, invoices, statements to those contacts. 

3. Prevent changes to dates on checks, once they are posted and applied to specific payments 
4. Ability to print header on every page when printing Time Card Report by Task Type 
5. Addition of new data columns to Certified Payroll Report Summary View 
6. Addition of minimum hours to be charged column to Labor Equipment Hours > Detailed > Raw Data report 
7. Addition of Job Booking Confirmations report in Reports > Customer > Job Booking Confirmations 
8. Addition of Moved/Rolled Jobs report in Jobs > Dispatch > Reports > Moved / Rolled Jobs 
9. Ability to clear Action Required alert whenever an SMS message has failed to send 
10. Addition of Customer ID value to Invoice print view 
11. Ability to display and print company logo on invoices, statements, pre/post-filled job tickets, quotes 
12. Ability to complete future / preventative maintenances in advance, without needing to wait when it triggers 
13. Fixes to filters for viewing invoice items 
14. Fixes to texting jobs 
15. Fixes to putting equipment back in service 
16. Fixes to display of operators in SMS Log history 
17. Fixes to Analytics Dashboard