Reed A30 question
Rusch 02-28-2020
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  Hello everyone 

hope everyone is doing well. I have a 04 reed A30 line pump about 2 weeks ago I was pumping a job and noticed it just stopped pumping

almost as if I turned off the remote, did not high pressure or anything then it shifted and kept pumping normal. The next day I made it through 5yrds

and it stopped again I waited a few seconds and it shifted made it 3-4 strokes and stopped again.

I thought it might have been my remote causing it but I ran it from the control panel and it does the same thing.

I have changed both proximity switches changed the main cycling cartridges and coils changed the 2 popett cartridges and coils at the front main hydraulic block

and changed all 4 check valves on the rams

it still does the same thing when it does it stops at the end of the stroke on the left side (looking in the hopper)

every time forward or reverse

any help with this would be much appreciated

thanks, Jason




b-alto 03-09-2020
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It is probably the ECM they go bad every now and then. Its the black box in the control panel.

Rusch 03-11-2020
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Thanks for the reply b-alto

im getting a price for a new ecm from reed tomorrow