Reed B-50 wireless throttle
b-alto 11-12-2016
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It would be nice to rig up a throttle solenoid to my wireless control. I was thinking maybe an electric that kicks in with the "on pump mode".? Any one have this? or a good idea as to how.

T-Riffic 11-14-2016
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I ran a t/a ball valve with a gas motor in it that had a throttle like I think you are talking about the motor would idle unless you turned on the pump. I think that kind of setup is a little hard on the motor because the motor goes under load from idle and has to gain rpms after it starts working. Just a electronic throttle is nice when you can adjust from your remote at least you do not have to go back to the pump to idle down. 

b-alto 11-16-2016
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Good point, There are many push pull solenoids available, most are just 10mm stroke which I'm not sure if thats enough distance. You can also buy a 12 volt remote with 12 volt switch. i may try this route . I was looking at my remote to see if there is a function i could pirate but i'm not seeing one. Downward on the horn seems to have a toggle switch but i'm not sure if it carry's to a panel function.I have been very busy lately its freeze up time here so i haven't had time to mess with it.