REED radio remote
concreteanimal 08-15-2017 comment profile send pm notify

I have a HBC radio remote that was sold to me by Liebherr and my local (now not) Liebherr dealer. Was purchased for a 2006 Reed, was told it would work but doesn't and no-one want to refund and take back so I have a Liebherr boom pump remote system for sale.   Already ask Irving Equipment to evaluate weather could be used on one of my puts. They say no.   If its of use to you let me know. Though what I paid for it was pretty good but don't remember what that was now.

REEDPumps 08-15-2017 reply profile send pm notify

please give me some details - are you SURE this will not work for a 2006 Waitzinger (REED) boom pump? we occasionally get people in pretty remote locations who call us looking for used remotes that will work on old REED Boom Pumps...

please send me an email to with as much info as you have, OK?


concreteanimal 08-15-2017 reply profile send pm notify

Yes Mike won't work on reed. Liebherr doesn't use grounds for pump off/on.   Was trying to get away from NBB. But ever since purchased this no more problems with nbb?

REEDPumps 08-15-2017 reply profile send pm notify

bummer, that sucks...

hmmm....maybe the remote might make its way back to Europe then? worth posting photos and info of it on a more European-focused facebook group maybe?