Reinert xr536
S13HECTOR 08-25-2017
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what do you guys think about this pump?im in the market for a new Hydraulic pump,i want something reliable,i have 2 mayco c30 so this is a different game for me and honestly the mayco I have been great for many years ,but couple of buddy told me to stay out of the Hydraulic ls400 model from mayco  ,looking for something 30-40 yards hour pump nothing bigger,what do you guys recommend,the xr536 I like it cause is pretty basic and not much electronic but never heard of them ,any input will be geart :)

this is some of the one im looking at





T-Riffic 08-25-2017
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I run Schwing p305s and from what I've been told they share some parts with the Reinhardt pump. I am very happy with the Schwing. If you have been happy with the c30 you have been running you will probably love almost any s-tube pump you get. Just a side note depending on what size hose you are running 2" or 2 1/2"? Putting more then 30 yards a hr on the ground might be difficult with out stepping up to 3" hose ( I am not saying you can't I have ran 15 min truck with 2 1/2" hose with a tk70 but it jumps around pretty bad)

S13HECTOR 08-25-2017
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yeah I was told the same thing lol,  ,im getting a lot of work and I need something with more power and something that will handle blend mix also, my mayco after 150feet of hose is looking at me funny lol,i want something new so I at least don't have to worry about nothing for a year maybe ,I do have work everyday ,I have weeks I do 150-300 yards

REEDPumps 08-25-2017
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You should probably give Charlie McIntosh a call at 828-243-1057 when you get a chance, he knows all about all the various small line pumps and he's right in your neck of the woods.

Good luck!

Mike @ REED

pumpnfinish 08-26-2017
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I had maycos myself and bought a rienert 530. I really liked the rienert, very simple and pumped great. Dont hesitate to get it you will be happy.