Release Version ID: 1.1908.08.1
Rapid Apps 08-21-2019
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Rapid ERP 1.1908.20.1

1. Resolved: Pour Volume on Sales > Sales Agent Summary and Detailed Reports do not match 

2. Resolved: Equipment units with built-in action alerts prevent automatic yard location change when assigned to jobs 

3. Resolved: Unable to start a new Credit Memo from certain places in Rapid ERP 

4. Resolved: Human Resources > Payroll > Time Card Report always outputs task times in military time, instead of using the selected time type setting 

5. Resolved: Improvements to general slowness of Rapid ERP 

6. Resolved: Caller and Confirmed By values do not get automatically cleared and refreshed upon changing a customer on a job 

7. Enhancement: Deposit Detailed Report can now be output with 1 invoice per line (split invoices) 

8. Enhancement: Dispatch and Billing grids display a new column "Ticketed" which tracks whether a job ticket has been submitted electronically and is ready for review / acceptance 

9. Enhancement: Ability to set tickets for multiple selected jobs to Accepted through Billing Central grid 

10. Enhancement: New Equipment Utilization Report added to list utilization rate per month requested, broken down by unit number 

11. Enhancement: Ability to better track who sent a text message and if the text message was sent and/or delivered successfully through the SMS Log History screen. 

12. Enhancement: Sales > Customer > Reports > New Customer: Ability to filter report by Customer: Type 

13. Enhancement: Ability to download unlimited customer records in Sales > Customer grid to excel 

14. Enhancement: Added ability to print filled job tickets without the Disclaimer 

15. Enhancement: A new column "Show Up Time" has been added to reports in Dispatch > Reports > Current Scheduled Detailed / Filtered 

16. Enhancement: Corrections and improvements for more reliable transmissions of emails and tracking of their delivery statuses 

17. Enhancement: New Report added in Report Central: Sales > Sales by Size Requested 

18. Enhancement: Integration with TrendFire GPS API to accurately collect logs for equipment units 

19. Enhancement: Action Required button: New automatic alert is triggered whenever there is at least 1 undelivered SMS within that last 72 hours 

20. Enhancement: Payroll: Alerting users whenever an existing open pay period is attempted to be closed before its closing date or while there are still tasks pending tasks that need to be generated 

21. Enhancement: Ability to exclude a single customer when running Sales > Customer and Sales > Equipment Unit ID reports in Report Central 

22. Enhancement: Ability to generate weather alerts history report for OSHA compliance under Reports > Report Central > Employee > OSHA Weather Alerts