Remote ?
TheAccumulater 05-07-2005
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Thats what i thought too. Know one really knows the answer. So let this be a lesson, Quit asking that question !Does anybody know me ?

OldPumper 05-07-2005
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If all there was to running a pump was moving the boom we would all be replaced by 6 year old girls.One reason a prospective employer wants to know what you have run is to listen to your answer. We tell each other quite a bit about our selves in how we say what we say. A new employer is taking your measure while he listens to your answer. If you think the remote is the only difference in brands well you are in for some more surprises.

Bob 05-08-2005
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DCPump 05-11-2005
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That is one of my favorite questions to ask, the answer rarely answers that question but by the time the perspective employee answers that simple question you pretty much know what you get if you hire them. The second question is ever have a boom party?

TheAccumulater 05-11-2005
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well, Thats creative ! Are you SERIOUS ! Sometimes i wonder how people aquired their jobs. Lets end this thread.Theres a fine line between the water and the fishing pole !