Repairing chassis
shady rashed 12-29-2016
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Repair truck chassis for 42m pputzmiester 2007 model 

SUPERDOFFER 12-30-2016
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Just curious what was wrong whit the chassis. 

shady rashed 12-30-2016
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There was a crack in truck chassis . the crack was in the extension of the chassis .the original chassis was short and we have to extend it to mount the pump on the truck . there was a  crack in this extension .and we have to make a reinforcement for the old chassis 

Many 01-14-2017
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talk to Mack, you may need a new frame rail

orygun 01-14-2017
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agree with frame replacement. shortening is common but not adding. you have a lot of flexibility and will have continued problems.

gboom 01-15-2017
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Shady, the frame rail can be repajred. Two things you need to pay attention to. 1. You need to weld the crack with a soft filler material, that way it can flex a little.grind it flush. 2. You need to add a 'fishplate' to inside of the frame rail. Basically a plate, maybe 2' long, that fits in the inside rail. Drill several holes into this plate, maybe 2" in dia., once the plate is in place, you weld around the outside and the inside of the holes, to add more strenght. Replacing the frame rail may be the preffered method of repair, but definately not an economic repair.