Rock video featuring Alaska Concrete Services
TooTall 02-22-2019
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A video of Footage from various rprojects in Anchorage Alaska, summer 2014.

Ciri building, Providence parking garage, Sam's  club, Cabela's, Kendal Ford dealership.  JBER Elmendorf AFB/Fort Richardson. Housing and Rec center ACS (Alaska Concrete Services Putzmeister pumps ranging from, 28m to 47m and a City pump. 


TooTall 12-24-2014
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Well since that didnt work here's a link to click on

Maybe Todd can fix it?

ShortStik 12-25-2014
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Awsome TooTall.  Bang Bang rofl!!! better not be one touch on guitar lol

Good to see youre still runin boom and line

Merry Christmas

The Punisher 12-25-2014
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Awesome!!! German metal and German machinery.  Rammstein

TooTall 09-11-2017
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S Woodbridge 09-12-2017
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Hey, so your working for Alaska or RJ?

I'm curious how our economy is in Alaska. I'm working on the north slope and haven't seen many mixers or concrete pumps running around Anchorage on my off time.

Hope all is well for you TooTall - Sam