Rolled bushing, need help!
Konstantine 09-15-2018
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Hello forum members! I'm new here and I'm from Russia, so I apologize for possible mistakes. I could not find help on Russian-language sites, so I ask for advice from you. There is a problem with the rolled bushing on the concrete pump kcp 65 between 3 and 4 sections. The bushing was crushed and the finger(pin) jammed. Attempts to knock it out were unsuccessful. A special pusher was assembled, but it also did not help. There are thoughts to call a hydraulic hammer, but I'm afraid to deform the finger(pin). Has someone encountered a similar problem and can know some tools to extract it?

ShortStik 09-15-2018
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hydraulic pin puller and heat might help.  i would contact KCP

i am not an engineer and am curious,  is that section repairable with the ear cut/broken off and the damage done when the link was crushed?

Konstantine 09-16-2018
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I can not say exactly when. I work for 2 months in this company and the problem was already there. The section creaked, there was no lubrication and the locking bolts were cut off. I immediately told the owner, but he did not want to do anything. And here is the result. As for the heat, this can weaken the metal. Does the hydraulic pin puller work in 2 directions? Pulling will not work, I need to push it.

Thank you. 

pudg2 09-28-2018
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if its creaking , its been dry of grease for a while , that has caused it to seize up and gauld , I have had luck with air hammers and jack hammers , but with the damage to that section already I am pretty sure you need to get the manufacturer to look at the boom and its probably gonna need some sections replaced.