Bob 03-31-2005
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I was checking out the results of the Do you hold weekly safety meetings poll. Obviously the respondents, for the most part, do not.The company I work for does not. Weekly meetings become more of a chore, something to be put up with rather than an atmosphere for learning.IMHO safety meetings should be held when there is something to say that will help make us safer. Anew piece of information, a factory announcement, a developing trend. Safety meetings should be part of the solution, not part of the problem.Hey ToddWhen I do my ;~) it looks correct, but when it prints to the page the nose is off center, WHAT UP?

Bob 04-01-2005
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Dude, except for the fact that your example has WAY too much hair, I think you captured the real me.

Todd 04-01-2005
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Well I guess it could always be worse. Todd Bullis