safety vests
pudg2 04-29-2009
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should all concrete pump operators wear flourescent safety vest ? I say yes due to always being in the vicinity of concrete trucks backing up, but shouldnt we have a dedicated color different from other coworkers so we can be seen and everyone know who the operator is or were hes at at all times

Niklas 04-29-2009
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Hi, we always use flourescent clothes and I think it is a good thing to do, maybe the operators hardhat could be in a diffrent color than everybody else so the workers can find us...

TooTall 04-29-2009
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 Another reason for a vest is the hose man and pour crew always need to know where the operator is for good communication. They dont always realize that we always have an eye on them even when they lose track of where we are.

 Wearing a different color besides blaze orange & green is'nt a bad idea otherwise we blend in with every other worker. I guess I'm a bit easier to spot than others.

 Hey Pudg, what do you think of this? It's actually really comfortable on long pours and can be adapted to either remote box, I call it "pump gear". A coat for winter and a vest for summer...

TooTall 04-29-2009
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  The prototype is a Carhart vest with the flat type HBC clips sewn on to the front. I could'nt wear a belt because I broke my pelvis so that's what I came up with. It does'nt hurt your neck and shoulders like the 4 way straps and the operator must wear his vest whenever he's got the remote box.  

ShortStik 04-29-2009
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it is mandatory out here for all workers on the site to wear high-vis vests (excluding resy).  Yes i think that high-vis vest should be part of a workers PPE inventory.  i've lost count of the times ive had to stop traffic for the mixer trucks.

in GVA it seems that most pump operators wear the high-vis orange coveralls.  i love it casue i wear carharts (THIS IS MY ARMOUR) neck to ankle with a vest over top.  i see supers approach our flat workers/delivery drivers in the orange overalls thinking they are the pump oprator, or a mixer driver who has the "who the f@&k are you?" look on them.  hehehe

TT, i found that a pair of suspender with the HBC belts did wonders for me on the long days of standing.  it really seemed to equal out the weight on the shoulder and waist like a good ruck-sack.

Pump N00b 04-29-2009
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Guess this doesn't apply so much to you over there but...
I always wear a yellow hardhat, because of the color system here in Norway and most of Europe. Yellow hardhat = foreman of the crew (and I'm in charge of my pump), white = most ordinary workers, blue = sup, and so on.
And we have wear clothes accoding to EN 471, or we are not allowed on a site.
So we always wear clothes with our company logos on and some minor color differences, so we always know who's who.

TooTall, that vest looke smart, just add some pockets for extra remote battery, cupholder for my coffecup and some extra, and I'll buy one. :D

Vasa 04-29-2009
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TT , You can order a west from DATEK :


But I like the "Hook" much more.... I have tested the west but I like the hook much better !

Pump N00b 04-30-2009
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Datek have some nice stuff, but never tested the hook.
How does it work? Hang it around your neck or?

TooTall 04-30-2009
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 Very nice, Thanks Vasa!  I would also like to see how this hook works.

 I also have a pair of orange coveralls but they have the word "inmate" on the back with 10 digits below it. I put them on when I have a cocky hoseman or difficult workers to deal with. It's amazing how quick they shut their mouths and act right! My friends made the coveralls for me after spending part of my 27th birthday in the tank for being a drunken fool in public. 

Vasa 04-30-2009
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You put the hook over the shoulder , and after a long day your back dont hurt so much as it would do if you wear a belt...

The hook is aviable for putz "new" remotes to .

ruck 04-30-2009
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Here in Chicago we don't have to were one.But I just started to.Ready mix driver gave me one.It must have been a clue.But,How can you miss a guy 6-5 270.If he can't see me he should not be driving.LOL


Nebuchadnezzar 04-30-2009
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Hey TT....I like your vest but is it slimming? Maybe throw some fat hiding sidepanels in there so I look like I used to 10 years ago.   I do agree though, it would be nice to have a designated color for operators.   Battery powered strobe vest maybe.

Pump It155 04-30-2009
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I always wear one that is the oppersite of what they are wearing.  green to orange.

sgt580 04-30-2009
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is there anything in paisley or fushia? I dont want to wear the wrong color for the season. been running the putz 105 conveyor for a while now. can i still post since I'm not running a pump anymore??? p.s. if you have the means, i highly recommend it.

TooTall 05-01-2009
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 PumpNOOb no cup holders, how about a hydration bladder?

 Neb we could sew in some black (slimming) lycra or even neoprene like a girdle HAHA!

 Sorry sqt five eighty you'll have to go to "" from now on. If it gets too hard to deal with try belters anonamous(?) They have a link on mixerdriver.nt too.

sgt580 05-01-2009
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tootall, the mixer driver one hurt a little and was below the belt!! LOL

Dan 05-01-2009
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hey TT at least at the end of the day belters don't suck balls. LOL

Mudslinger 05-01-2009
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That's cause telebelters ain't got balls

Vasa 05-09-2009
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A pic of the hook in use , the "model" is Johan our repairman / reserveoperator .