Schwing 34X boom issue
Lionel 10-11-2017
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My last and final issue on this truck; 

It relates to the boom´s hydraulic system. Once the pump has been activated with all E-stops cleared, the second stage boom lever automatically forces to ´fold´ (down).  It does this many times and suddenly stops doing it after a few days. Then the problem will reappear after a week or two. I have to literally tie the lever with something to stop it from going down with an assistant working with me to control that particular stage if needed. I noticed that the problem also affects the first stage boom occasionally. Yesterday the first stage suddenly unfolded (raised) on its own then stopped. I have ruled out electrical issues by disconnecting the solenoids for the second stage when it acts up so, I am almost convinced that it is hydraulic failure somewhere.

Any ideas guys?

pudg2 10-13-2017
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to me it sounds like a joystick issue , does it do it on hardwire and wireless ? I would think this would be your first step in checking for the root of the problem , in most my experiences this is the issue

30something 10-16-2017
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Sounds like a bad pulsar coil.  Whats your oil like?

Cplarcher 10-17-2017
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Had this happen to our 04 34x as it turned out we had bad coils on the spool valve body. super easy to replace runs like a champ, if not then i would look at the spool valve assy for possible internal leaks

pudg2 10-18-2017
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I have had pulsar issues , never had a function do that , just the proportional was very rough , but very good to know , thanks.