Schwing accumulator bottle question / help
Niall 02-04-2017
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Hello everyone, 

I was giving the pump good checking over today it's a schwing 750-15 and noticed that the end of the accumulator bottle ( the end you charge it from)  was weeping hydraulic oil, the pump seems to be operating perfectly but when I turn off the engine it only seems to be leaking.

Anyone ever had this issue??

I think I'll remove it and send it away for repair as I don't want it to break down on me, I've never removed one so any tips on what to do, thanks for any help .

gboom 02-08-2017
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the accumulator becomes important at the shift of the rock valve. you need a lot of oil in a short amount of time. if your bladder is below charge, you will see your rock shift fast at first, but then it finishes the shift slow.  in your case, an empty bladder, the hydraulic pump does the shift, and you'll see a slow shift of the rock. if you take it to a hydraulic shop, they will know how replace the bladder. a good shop should be able to replace the bladder in an hour or so, its not that complicated, but you need to have special tools. if you remove the accumulator, be sure to plug the connection fitting,

Niall 02-11-2017
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Thanks very much for that info