Schwing, Help Please, Urgent
Niall 01-09-2018
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I drained the hydraulic oil from my Schwing 305  changed the hydraulic filter and refilled the tank but now the S tube slewing rams wont work but the main piston cups and agitator are working just not the slewing rams.

Is there a way to bleed the air from the system or have i done something wrong,

Any help would be greatly appreciated

T-Riffic 01-09-2018
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maybe loosen the hydraulic lines on the outside of those slew Rams. With the engine off there should be enough pressure on the system with just a full tank of oil to push the air out retighten the lines once you get oil

Niall 01-09-2018
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Thanks very much for the fast reply,

Got it sorted in the end, very surprised with the amount of air that got into the system,

Thanks again, much appreciated