Schwing p305, Advice
Niall 09-24-2017
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Hello everyone, I just got myself a Schwing P305 , I giving it a good going over before I start using it and the question I have is there is a small knob above the volume control knob I am just wondering what this does? I have attached a picture from the Parts manual it's number 8 in the picture and the volume control knob is number 10, also is there an easy way to check is the accumulator good condition on these. Thanks in advance for any help

T-Riffic 09-26-2017
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The little nob appears to adjust hydraulic pressure I usually just leave it about 1/2 way out. To check the accumulator pressure you need to find the adapters to hook up to a nitrogen bottle and you can check the charge pressure that way I have to rent one from the local welding supply shop I believe it is supposed to be 1400 psi on 2004+ models. 

Niall 09-29-2017
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Thanks very much T-riffic for the reply.

When you screw it in and out there is a plunger numbered 1,2,3, depending on how far you screw It in and out,

Would you know off hand what the 1,2,3 mean as there is nothing in its operators manual about it

I have attached a photo of it thanks again for the help

T-Riffic 09-29-2017
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The numbers and marks are just to show what you have it set at I think that is how many turns of the nob so you do not have to count them I usually leave mine about 2.

Niall 09-30-2017
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Top man, thanks for the help, really looking forward to getting it out pumping, how do you find the 305 as small pumps go? 

T-Riffic 09-30-2017
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They are ok i have put some lighter 3/4 mixes through it with out much trouble also have gone out to 300 ft of hose other than being slow mine like pouring about a 40 min truck (or that could just be me) they are good little pumps 

Niall 10-01-2017
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Not bad for its size in fairness, so approximately 10 yards in 40 minutes, do you have it wound up to the max for it to do that? Do you run 3 or 4 inch lines, thanks for the help I'm just used to a schwing 750 and never ran a 305

T-Riffic 10-01-2017
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I run 2 1/2" line out to around 125 ft of hose pouring at a 6" slump turned all the way up I can do 10 yards in 25 min. 

Niall 10-02-2017
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Thanks again, not to long and I'll have it out