Schwing sp 500 remote cutting out
Issa 03-04-2022
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Hello I work at a civil company and operate a sp 500 trailer pump, I have been having issues with the remote cutting out and shutting down the hydraulics. So what has been happening is sometimes I can use the remote with concrete in the machine but at some stage throughout the job the remote will cut out and I have to use the hard wire remote. When concrete isn't in the the pump it works fine. I have checked pins, checked the antenna and the remote was sent to schwing Australia with the transmitter and they said it was fine. I use it today and when I pressed pump on the vibrator activated as well it never usually does that gas anyone ever had this problem or one like it? I also brought new batteries for the remote

gboom 03-07-2022
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you said, with the cable remote, it is not cutting out at all? if you don't have problems with the cable remote, then it has to be the radio control. did it start working again with the new batteries? you may have a bad switch, since the vibrator  turned on also, maybe a bad diode? check all the wiring, that is associated with the radio, you may have a bad connection in the wiring, or a cut wire that shortens out, or something in that nature. do you have all the right size fuses in the right place? its a long shot, but anyway you can install a different radio, just to see if it works

Aarcomm-Marketing 03-31-2022
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Hi there Issa, 

Not sure who's remote control you're currently using on your pump, or if those issues are still persisting, but our team at Aarcomm Systems can recommend some general troubleshooting options for you, to help determine where the main issue is coming from!

To rule out the remote control as a problem, you would:

1) Cycle the power to the receiver and handheld to see if the problem goes away. If it doesn’t go away, go to step 2

2) Try pairing another known good handheld with the receiver. If the problem remains in the new handheld, it is not an issue with the handheld. Go to step 3.

3) Try replacing the receiver with a known good receiver, if the problem remains in the new receiver, it is not an issue with the receiver. Go to step 4

4) Try replacing the wire harness with a known good wire harness, if the problem remains in the new wire harness, it is not an issue with the remote control system. 

If you're still having issues with your remote, hopefully some of these suggestions may help to identify where the problem is coming from. All the best!