Seeking for Hyd diverison valva like this
Koby 03-28-2013
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Hello Friends

i am seeking for used units of Hyd diverison valva with 2 or 3 outlet port

No matter which country it , is I'm from Israel
I will issue shipping




(click picture for larger image)


Best Regards

dlee7729 03-28-2013
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Give Cross pumping a call. 313-386-8005. They have served my needs for last the 25 yrs.

Uzi 03-29-2013
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Kobi, please send us your email address and we will provide you with a quotation on our Putzmeister 3/2 or 5/2 diversion valves. For more information on our product line please visit our website

Best regards, Eric Zimmermann 

CFJim 04-03-2013
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Kobe - The picture of the diversion valve you have there is a Construction Forms product. If you go to the following link we will be happy to get you a quotation. Thanks!