Koby 03-17-2014
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Hello everyone .

i will be Happy to accept your help,

I am looking to purchase 5 units of hydrulic diversion valva (as photo) 
Used or new for a normal price .
If you have any information on who wants to sell  I'd love if you keep me posted 

 Thank you friends for your cooperation.


CFJim 03-17-2014
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Koby - Email me at as I have a couple of options for you.

Uzi 03-18-2014
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Koby, we do have a large variety of diversion valves available which meet your requirement. Call me at 262-884-6296 or by email


elea 03-19-2014
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you can mail to they are from china,I dont want to say too much about the quality,because it need to test by yourself and they are supplier for SANY,but the price is competitive. hope this will be helpful.

AlanC 03-20-2014
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Please email me at  I have some options for you.  Thank you

Michael C 03-22-2014
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This is a picture of a Conforms diversion valve. I have used many in the past. PM if I can help.