selling a company
rspumping 04-12-2005
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rspumping 04-14-2005
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thats the part ; customer base $income $what times 2-3 what?

BrutalOne 04-14-2005
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Something is only worth what people are willing tp pay for it .You need to pick a number your happy with.You cant take your yearly profits and multiply them to x number of years to = value It is however easier to sell a buisness that makes money.

DAVEtinkle 04-20-2005
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In my experience pump companys are generally worth the value of the whatever debt incurred that will cashflow through your recievables. If you talk to accountants you will very seldom wind up selling for there formulas. options are get with good local competitor and work a deal there,your best price would come from an uneducated buyer such as a good customer or redi mix supplier. remember your cutomer base tends to be loyal based on price or relationship u cant sell that. Contact Bob weatherton 9096250804 to get an independent opinion it would be worth the expense. Icould have some intrest contact me thru my e mail.

rspumping 04-21-2005
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dave your e mail is disabled in your profile thanks for your input

DAVEtinkle 04-23-2005
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