squeeze concrete pump car
Daniel.Lee 03-04-2019
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Are there many countries that use Squeeze Pump cars?
I heard that Squeeze Pump cars are used a lot in Japan. 
Does anyone know much about Squeeze Pump cars?

Dao Anh 03-10-2019
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Hi Daniel,

As to my knowledge, only currently only Japanese makers, making Squeeze concrete pumps. European makers stopped producing for many years. Squeeze pumps are very popular here in Japan due to 2 factors: (1) many small pumps are squeeze type (15m - 26m) as streets in Japan a narrow, so smaller trucks are more efficient, (2) Japanese users claims that running cost for squeeze is lower than piston. 

Please feel free to ask for more.



dinosaur 03-11-2019
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To my knowledge also in Europe there is still truck mixer pumps and boom pumps sold with Squeeze pumps. In France they are very popular, don't know why.