Stiebel box problems
concreteanimal 05-05-2014
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Older schwing 4194 box the input shaft appears to have a twist in the shaft as you look down the splines. Is this something that has happened to others? The slide gear won't move freely to engage pro or drive now.

  Operator got stuck and once he got out was in a rush and flipped pro in before transmission spun down.

   Will call schwing when finish today's job and ask for parts break down on box, any other source for parts cheaper?

m though it was going to be shift fork but that isn't the problem.

GWR 05-05-2014
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We have changed 2 diff shafts already with the same issue of being twisted but we also noticed that both times the bearing was out or on way out so mayb bad bearing was cause?

lucky phil 05-06-2014
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This kind of damage is often caused by the high torque applied to the drive line while trying to drive out of a bog.