Strange way to pour concrete
Christie 01-29-2015
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I took these pics from a boat rounding the tip of the Baja ( Cabo San Lucas) last week. I'm not even sure what they were pouring, but at one point I did see the placing hose jump out of the funnel and cover the guys in concrete. I was too far away to hear them clearly, and I don't speak much Spanish, but when they all got covered in concrete I did recognize all their arms flailing around, and the usual hand gestures aimed at the pump operator.

NATEDOGG 01-29-2015
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They are most likely pouring drilled shafts with a separate tremmie pipe. I prefer this method as the pump is not "tethered" to the crane. The pump places the hose in the bell hopper at the top and goes pump on. if the concrete spilled over the top, that would be on the crane operator, they need to be pulling the pipe up as the shaft is filling. i poured approximately 80 drilled shafts like this 1 winter around 2001 or 2002 on a river span  in Missouri. :) 

Neshu 02-27-2017
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Good job 

pudg2 02-27-2017
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Christie ,

I have done a few jobs like this where a tremme' pipe 80+ feet was needed and instead of hooking it to the pump we used these funnel type pipes ,I have also done several underwater pours where we utilized tremme' pipes just like this but they were 12 " diameter , the one we used for drill shafts was a 8" pipe.