Sucking ball back
Natetgreat 05-24-2020
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The process I was taught was to suck up a 5 gal bucket of water than let it drain to wash rocks out of hose than suck 5 gal clean water followed by a Sponge Ball But recently I got a new 38meter 5 section  Schwing been having problems getting ball back  when I take it apart I find a wad of washed rock . Any suggestions?????

mcratchet 06-03-2020
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what kind of sponge do you use? We use 9" square ones wet them up good and push them up in tip elbow rinse your tip hose with water and start sucking it back. no need for extra water in pipe i have been doing it that way for almost 20 years never a problem. we have 2 38-5