Taking out mud cups
frozenpumper 06-28-2017
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Hello I have a question about changing mud cups, I have a 36z putzmeister that I'm gonna have to change mud cups on.

the 1 mudcup that our guys tried to change got all twisted into a 22 degree angle inside the material cylinder about a foot down from the water box, I have no idea how this would have happened cuz I was out pumping with a different pump yesterday and that is what had happened when I returned 

so my question is how do I get the mud cup out of the material cylinder when the mud cup is in a 22 degree angle inside the material cylinder?

thanks for all the information in advance

greenguy 06-28-2017
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Flip the 6-5 reducer on the broken pump and a good one down and join them with a 5" metric double ended hose. Fill everything up with water and flip the stube on the broken pump to line up with the barrel that has the twisted cup.   Use to good pump to blow the bad cup into the water box.   

If the cup is twisted, I'm assuming it has 11" barrels.   Either way it should work (with 9" too)   The chrome inside the barrel is harder than the aluminum or steel on the cup, so it shouldn't score the barrel.    Chances are pretty good your drive cylinder rod is bent too.  Once the cup is out , run the drive cylinder rod to the end of the stroke and look in the barrel at the hopper to see if it's centred in the barrel.   If not, it's bent.   

b-alto 06-28-2017
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Push the rod down to the cup. Tie it together with a bolt or cable, reverse it into the box and all is good.

frozenpumper 06-28-2017
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Ok thanks for the advice

we welded up an attachment that we could bolt on to the mud cup threaded bolt hole and pulled it out with a chain and come-along

thanks for all the advice, much appreciated